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Equine Massage & Bodywork in East Brookfield, MA

Equine Massage & Bodywork

Horses are in tune with everything around them. This sense of awareness, along with a longing for connection and safety, is something we share. It is this bond that helps ignite the healing process for both and is what makes equine massage and bodywork so effective.

Equine massage and bodywork is a deep-hearted healing experience for horse and rider. Offered by Martha Davis, our equine massage and bodywork services embody a space of love and support. Drawing from her training and experience (along with her lifelong love of horses), Martha will gently support you and your horse as you release strains and patterns that no longer serve you.

Craniosacral therapy plays a lead role in equine massage and bodywork. This form of bodywork focuses on fascia, the connective tissue which gives us form and supports us in every movement. Tightness or restrictions to the fascia can affect the motion and function of the whole body, and can keep us from living to our full potential. Releasing restrictions to the body using craniosacral therapy can have a tremendous impact on you and your horse.

Equine massage and bodywork gives you and your horse the freedom to expand, grow and ride with more ease and grace.

Supporting the Bond

Horse and rider tend to mirror each other and will reflect each other’s areas of concern. By providing equine massage and bodywork to both, Martha is able to determine issues on each and free both from pain and blockages – which become stored in our cells – creating a more fluid movement and awareness between horse and rider. Equine massage and bodywork brings you both back to balance, strengthens your bond and enhances performance.

Implementing the natural healing methods used in equine massage and bodywork leads to improved performance and a stronger connection with your horse.

Benefits for Horse and Rider

Heart centered equine massage and bodywork helps facilitate deep healing by:

  • Unwinding fascial restrictions
  • Releasing blockages in the nervous system
  • Bringing more peace and clarity to all levels – mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Encouraging the free flow of energy and promoting a healthy state of balance
  • Promoting injury recovery
  • Decreasing muscle strain and increasing range of motion
  • Bringing nutrients to the muscles and helping to eliminate toxins
  • Aiding in the overall health of organs and systems
  • Helping you both to live and ride with more freedom and joy

Healing for Your Horse

Please contact us to schedule a healing equine massage session for your horse. Questions and thoughts are welcome. Equine massage and bodywork sessions are by appointment only, and we will work together to set up a time that is best for you and your horse.

Please note: The phone at In Balance is placed on silent. This ensures that clients currently receiving treatment will not be disturbed, and may fully enjoy the time they have set aside for themselves. Please leave us a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible.