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Camp Connect - In Balance

Camp Connect


My vision for Camp Connect is for Camp Connect to be a place where people feel safe and supported in their walking of life. Where individuals learn to connect and/or reconnect with their own heart, soul, and spirit of who they really are through a variety of different means such as physical movement, art, music and so much more. In doing so they feel safe to step in and shine as whom they are truly meant to Be. I pray, that in doing so, this will bring more joy to their life and to those around them, and will ultimately bring a positive change to the world.


My goal for Camp Connect is to provide a safe place where different opportunities are available for people to explore and learn about themselves, to discover or rediscover a true passion within them. That the people working with the participants will be loving and supportive as they share their talents and past experiences with the participants, giving ideas for healing, self-expression and more. That we take the time to listen to each individual and truly know if what they need is in our scope of knowledge and if not, who can we connect them to. I want Camp Connect to not only be a place where people can go to, but a resource and place of connection to the network of heart-centered people that can meet the needs of the participants.

Mission Statement

The mission for Camp Connect is to provide a safe, healing, joyful environment where learning, sharing, laughter and fun are present. Where people are welcome no matter their race, religion or ethnic background to experience a fun, healing experience where the focus is for people to connect and/or reconnect with their true self. Where leaders involved are heart-centered in their approach and are teaching only in their fields of knowledge. Where all who attend are sensitive and caring to those around them, creating a space of peace, love and harmony.