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Testimonials for In Balance, A Healing Massage & Bodywork Center in MA


In Balance Healing Massage has been a place where I have felt nurtured and cared for. My experience with Martha has been wonderfully positive and each massage has left my body feeling relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend In Balance to anyone who seeks treatment in cranial sacral therapy and/or massage for their health. — Kristin, Charlton MA

My first appointment at In Balance I was honestly pretty nervous because I had never received a massage from anyone before. Once I got to Martha Davis’ office, she greeted me with a warm hug and made me feel very comfortable and explained how everything works and what everything is done for. My nerves completely went away and I opened myself up for receiving Martha’s very positive energy and releasing my own impurities. Martha understands what your body needs for treatment and on the spot will decide what she should do in order to help. Going to Martha and receiving her healing massage was a great experience, and every time I go I feel ten times better after. I would recommend her to anyone, any day! — Nikky, Athol MA

I like the way I take a deep breath & truly begin to relax when I enter your building. Christine, Dudley MA

I have been seeing Martha for over ten years off and on, along with others, for chronic back pain. She has given me relief from so many different aches and pains over the years I couldn’t even begin to list them. One that stands out was a rib injury. For two days I couldn’t move without lots of pain. When I left her office I could not believe my level of relief. I was able to return to work the next day. — Eric, West Brookfield MA

My experience at In Balance was incredibly relaxing and refreshing, as well as entirely professional. I felt welcomed, at-ease, and like I was in the hands of someone who is both knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. I left feeling simultaneously energetic and calm, and it was an experience I would definitely repeat! — Taliah, Denver CO

Just as the name denotes, you will walk out feeling more balanced internally, even if your legs are a little bit wobbly. That feeling, or rather that sense, of  “wow I feel good” lingers for days. If one does it enough, that “wow” becomes consistent. Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods and filled your lungs with a deep pull of fresh delicious air? Well, this is like a fresh breath for the soul…delish…enjoy.  Dave and Beth, North Brookfield MA

I have been going to see Martha Davis for over four years and her skills are transformative in that after one session I feel holistically recharged. Kassandra, Holland MA

I have been going to In Balance for massage with Martha Davis for several years now. The twice monthly appointments are vital to my health and well-being. Not only do I reap the physical benefits (muscle and tissue repair), the massage also helps reduce the stress and tension of that exists in my everyday life. Christine, Belchertown MA

Martha has the most calming demeanor and you are immediately relaxed in her presence. Her touch is very caring and she gives you all of herself at every visit. I always feel really wonderful and light after treatments. Angela, Thurndike MA

I have seen Martha over the past few years. I don’t know what it is about her “magic” hands, but after walking into her welcoming place of practice she makes my body and mind feel more open and free – as if it was healed by an angel.

I also received body work from her throughout my pregnancy. Her calm, positive and loving self made me feel less anxious about delivering my first child. Jill, Worcester MA

Both my 2-year old daughter and I have been seeing Martha for craniosacral fascial work for over a year. Having experienced this and other types of bodywork from other practitioners, it is obvious to me that Martha possesses both a thorough knowledge of the work, as well as a keen intuition which helps her to tailor the treatment for each individual. I have also been impressed with her ability to establish rapport with my daughter throughout all stages of development, and her calm manner which helps my daughter feel at ease. Emily, Worcester MA

I have been going to Martha’s for many years to maintain optimal health of my body through her healing. From going to her on a regular basis, I have had winters without sickness, ease in my body on a daily basis and deeper connection to my spiritual body.

My first birth was very challenging and difficult with many complications. When pregnant with my second, I went to Martha on a regular basis which resulted in the most euphoric birth with my second. I contribute that to the work Martha did in relaxing the fascia tissue around the womb and entire body. She release tightness in many areas that allow my body to open and prepare for birthing.

As my children grew from infant into children, they would complain about “growing pains” from teething to growing. They have had monthly check in’s with Martha to support their growth which happens so rapidly during the beginning years of their lives. I am thankful to have such a wonderful healer to assist in my children reach optimal growth and ease. Erin, Woodstock CT

Martha Davis @ In Balance Massage Therapy offers a variety of services for the entire family. Words cannot describe the superior quality her massage technique, especially with the craniosacral fascial therapy. Martha helped me through breast cancer treatment and her lymphatic drainage therapy helps alleviate lymph edema due to lymph node removal. My entire family enjoys Martha’s services. My teenage sons play competitive sports and benefit from periodic massages. I enjoyed her Living in the Light and yoga classes as well. Michele, Rutland MA

Martha’s treatments are truly beyond words. She has a very intuitive & nurturing way of reaching out to you and supporting you in a way that is far beyond just “bodywork”. Even though her touch is beautiful & therapeutic; it is her caring and compassionate way of approaching her work that makes her treatments so unique and deeply healing on every level. I feel that her working with me has helped me to navigate through a very difficult and challenging illness; and she continues to support me in various ways. I am forever grateful for what she has contributed to my healing; and to my life. Laryssa, Rochdale MA

I rush I hurry. I have too much to do. I use the same muscles all the time and not enough of other ones.  Live gets harried. Sometimes my body screams at me, “Enough!” But I cannot slow down right now. Too much to do. Finally in desperation I take the time to run to Martha for an In Balance Massage. She does it right. In no time at all she convinces the overworked screaming muscles to quiet down and the lazy ones to get working. What a relief. When I come out of an “In balance” session I am ready to tackle life again, in balance. Thank you Martha! — Juanita, West Gardiner MA

In balance has been a different kind of experience for me. But, definitely a good one. I’ve only experienced little changes so far but when you’re in pain every day. Little changes can be huge changes. It’s only been a couple of visits for me. But, I can’t wait to see how much more.

In Balance can help. Thank you In Balance. — Justin, Ashby MA

Martha is the only reason Randy is not in constant pain. After a bad back injury that our PCP was suggesting surgery might be the only cure for, we came to Martha after our Chiropractor got him up walking on a cane with a back brace. Her skill and empathy are both enormous and after a long bout of work on their part he is now basically pain free and can cut wood, work in his shop and actually feels better than he did before the injury.

My neck is very stiff and my range of motion was very limited. I had a hard time even checking for oncoming traffic when making turns. The chiropractor helps somewhat, but it is Martha that can get it limber enough that I only notice that I DON’T have a problem when checking for traffic – it always hits me – “hey, I can turn my head that far without even a thought”. I am overweight and my feet and knees hurt, but she has gotten my feet to feel great – they rarely bother me now and my knees are much improved.

She is kind and thoughtful and interested in us as people, not just patients. We cannot recommend her enough. Joan and Randy, New Braintree MA

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